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Doxology: a journal of worship and the sacramental life  is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal of liturgical scholarship bridging academic and church communities. Founded in 1984, it publishes work by established and emerging liturgical scholars to address historical, theological, and cultural questions about Christian worship and the sacramental life. In 2020, Doxology merged with the OSL's other journal, Sacramental Life. Distribution is to a number of theology departments and seminary libraries in the United States, as well as the members of the Order of Saint Luke globally.

Sacramental Life

Published from 1988-2020, Sacramental Life was a practically-oriented journal from OSL Publications that focused on emerging and historical practices of Christian communities. In the Fall of 2020, Sacramental Life merged with the journal Doxology.

A complete archive of back issues for both Doxology and Sacramental Life are available on this website. Scroll below for a complete run of downloadable back issues.

The Font

Published quarterly, The Font newsletter keeps members informed about the business of the Order of Saint Luke and inspired through stories about how members live out the Rule of Life and Service. It is available to members of the Order by contacting Sr. Cynthia Astle on the "Contact Information" page.

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